The artist Johan Dewulf gives expression to human, animal and surroundings in his own idiom. He doesn’t make a painting, he lets it arise. Volatile little sketches, doodlings, form the starting point of his creations. The image he will use as a base arises from his mind. Organized coincidence plays an important role during the elaboration. Background and subject often flow into one another. The interplay between surfaces, stripes and lines ensures that the spectator needs to finish the artist’s work in his mind. This necessary tension offers the viewer the opportunity to complete the painting, the sculpture, … again and again. He also doesn’t shun to let other artists complement his work. This interaction often results in surprising and fascinating work, say quatre-mains.

Johan Dewulf: Menen (Belgium) 1959 – lives and works in Ternat (Belgium) and Perledo (Italy).
Artistic education: free graphics, Stedelijke Academie Menen – Professional Bachelor in Visual Arts, University College Ghent
Educational assignments: 1981-1988 lecturer publicity drawing, arts

Given that Dewulf thinks that every new creation arises from the imperfection of the previous, he doesn’t like giving a summary of earlier exhibitions.

Public creations: art collection ING, town hall of Ternat, collection Isola Comancina (Lake Como). Private collections: Belgium, Italy and Switserland.